DFKI Publications by Laux, Armin



with Erich Achilles , Bernhard Hollunder , Jörg-Peter Mohren
KRIS : Knowledge Representation and Inference System - Benutzerhandbuch -


Integrating a Modal Logic of Knowledge into Terminological Logics


with Hans-Jürgen Bürckert , Bernhard Hollunder
On Skolemization in Constrained Logics


with Hans-Jürgen Bürckert , Bernhard Hollunder
Concept Logics with Function Symbols


Representing Belief in Multi-Agent Worlds via Terminological Logics


with Franz Baader
Terminological Logics with Modal Operators


with M. Buchheit , H.-J. Bürckert , B. Hollunder , W. Nutt , M. Wójcik
Task Acquisition with a Description Logic Reasoner



with Knut Hinkelmann
DFKI Workshop on Knowledge Representation Techniques --- Proceedings

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