DFKI Publications by Graf, Winfried H.



with Wolfgan Maaß , Thomas Schiffmann , Dudung Soetopo
LAYLAB: Ein System zur automatischen Plazierung von Text-Bild-Kombinationen in multimodalen Dokumenten


with Elisabeth André , Jochen Heinsohn , Bernhard Nebel , Hans-Jürgen Profitlich , Thomas Rist , Wolfgang Wahlster
PPP: Personalized Plan-Based Presenter


with Wolfgang Wahlster , Elisabeth André , Thomas Rist
Designing Illustrated Texts: How Language Production is Influenced by Graphics Generation.


with Wolfgang Wahlster , Elisabeth André , Som Bandyopadhyay , Thomas Rist
WIP: The Coordinated Generation of Multimodal Presentations from a Common Representation


with Wolfgang Maaß
Constraint-basierte Verarbeitung graphischen Wissens


with Markus A. Thies
Perspektiven zur Kombination von automatischem Animationsdesign und planbasierter Hilfe


Constraint-Based Graphical Layout of Multimodal Presentations


with Elisabeth André , Wolfgang Finkler , Thomas Rist , Anne Schauder , Wolfgang Wahlster
WIP: The Automatic Synthesis of Multimodal Presentations


LAYLAB: A Constraint-Based Layout Manager for Multimedia Presentations


with Stefan Neurohr
Using Graphical Style and Visibility Constraints for a Meaningful Layout in Visual Programming Interfaces


with Walter Hower
Research in Constraint-Based Layout, Visualization, CAD, and Related Topics: A Bibliographical Survey



with Elisabeth André , Robin Cohen , Bob Kass , Cécile Paris , Wolfgang Wahlster (Eds.)
UM92: Third International Workshop on User Modeling Proceedings

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