DFKI Publications by Bleisinger, Rainer



with Michael H. Malburg
HYPERBIS: ein betriebliches Hypermedia-Informationssystem


with Klaus-Peter Gores
Ein Modell zur Repräsentation von Nachrichtentypen


with Klaus-Peter Gores
Ein erwartungsgesteuerter Koordinator zur partiellen Textanalyse


with Andreas Dengel , Rainer Hoch , Frank Hönes , Frank Fein , Michael Malburg
Phi oda: The Paper Interface to ODA


with Jay C. Weber , Andreas Dengel
Theoretical Consideration of Goal Recognition Aspects for Understanding Information in Business Letters


with Rainer Hoch , Andreas Dengel
ODA-based modeling for document analysis


with Klaus-Peter Gores
Text Skimming as a Part in Paper Document Understanding


with Berthold Kröll
Representation of Non-Convex Time Intervals and Propagation of Non-Convex Relations

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