DFKI Technical Memos 1998


 E TM-98-09
The EMS Model
 D TM-98-08
Spontane Gruppenbildung in künstlichen Gesellschaften
 E TM-98-07
The RAWAM: Relfun-Adapted WAM Emulation in C
 E TM-98-06
A Multi-Agent Perspective on Intermodal Transport Chains
 E TM-98-05
Transportation Scheduling and Simulation in a Railroad scenario: A Multi-Agent Approach
 E TM-98-04
Simulated Trading Mechanismen für Speditionsübergreifende Transportplanung
 E TM-98-03
Fast Loading and Unloading Devices: Planning and Scheduling Requirements
 E TM-98-02
An Empirical Evaluation on the Suitability of Market-Based Mechanisms for Telematics Applications
 E TM-98-01
Bottleneck Analysis as a Heuristic for Self-Adaption in Multi-Agent Societies

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