DFKI Technical Memo-96-02



Language: English

by Harold Boley

Knowledge Bases in the World Wide Web:
A Challenge for Logic Programming (Second, Revised Edition)

10 Pages


Regarding the World Wide Web, knowledge bases can be categorized between (HTML-)documents and (SQL-)databases. In order to standardize them, the use of Horn logic for Web publications is proposed. The central part outlines the design of a Web search engine for processing distributed Horn-logic knowledge bases. Some of the research issues to be solved are elaborated from the perspective of (parallel, modular) logic programming. A proposal for realization is based on the Infomaster system, here restricted from heterogeneous notations to a standardized format. Possible Inter- and intranet applications are discussed. Finally, an LP-community effort for building up (documented) Horn-logic knowledge bases in the Web is encouraged.

This document is available as Postscript.

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