DFKI Technical Memo-92-05



Language: English

by Franz Schmalhofer, Christoph Globig, Jörg Thoben

The refitting of plans by a human expert

10 Pages


During the course of the development of a Case-Oriented Expert System for situated applications additional cases were needed. The required cases were obtained by having a human expert refit old solutions to new problems and the structural relations between source and target cases were analyzed: A higher degree of reuse of the old cases was found when the expert could apply derivational reasoning and a uniform design rationale (i.e. the solution of the source was generated by the expert himself) than when the expert could only analyze structural relationships (i.e. the source solution was constructed by some one else). Except with very obvious cases, it was also found, that different experts perceive different cases as the most similar source to a given target problem. The results also indicate for user-situated applications of expert systems.

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