DFKI Technical Memos 1991


 E TM-91-15
Prototypical Concept Formation
An Alternative Approach to Knowledge Representation
 E TM-91-14
ODA-based modeling for document analysis
 E TM-91-13
Forward Logic Evaluation: Developing a Compiler from a Partially Evaluated Meta Interpreter
 D TM-91-12
Eine Erweiterung des D-PATR zur Feature-Erkennung in CAD/CAM
 E TM-91-11
Generating Spatial Descriptions for Cross-modal References
 E TM-91-10
Tree Adjoining Grammars mit Unifikation
 E TM-91-09
On the Semantics of Protocols Among Distributed Intelligent Agents
 E TM-91-08
Social and Psychological Commitments in Multiagent Systems
 E TM-91-06
Aspects of Cooperating Agents
 E TM-91-05
Theoretical Consideration of Goal Recognition Aspects for Understanding Information in Business Letters
 E TM-91-04
A Sampler of Relational/Functional Definitions
(Second, Revised Edition)
 E TM-91-03
Clamping, COKAM, KADS, and OMOS: The Construction and Operationalization of a KADS Conceptual Model
 E TM-91-02
Bidirectional Reasoning of Horn Clause Programs: Transformation and Compilation
 E TM-91-01
Approaches to the Reuse of Plan Schemata in Planning Formalisms

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