DFKI Technical Memo-91-13



Language: English

by Knut Hinkelmann

Forward Logic Evaluation: Developing a Compiler from a Partially Evaluated Meta Interpreter

16 Pages


Pure horn logic does not prescribe any inference strategy. Clauses could be applied in forward and backward direction. This paper presents a translation of rules into forward clauses which simulate a forward chaining deduction if executed by Prolog� resolution procedure. Premises of forward rules are verified by Prolog� backward proof procedure using the original clauses. Thus, without any changes to the Prolog interpreter integrated bidirectional reasoning of horn rules is possible. The translation is obtained from a meta interpreter for forward reasoning written in horn logic. Data-driven partial evaluation of this meta interpreter wrt the original horn clauses results in a forward program. The approach is applied to the problem of recognizing production-specific features from a product model. A product model contains geometrical, topological, and technological information collected during the design phase. From these data features giving valuable hints about manufacturing are derived.

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