DFKI Research Reports 1995


 E RR-95-20
Typed Feature Structures, Definite Equivalences, Greatest Model Semantics, and Nonmonotonicity
 E RR-95-19
Distributed Parsing With HPSG Grammar
 E RR-95-18
Efficient Parameterizable Type Expansion for Typed Feature Formalisms
 E RR-95-17
Classification and Representation of Types in TDL
 E RR-95-14
Functional Computation as Concurrent Computation
 E RR-95-13
Deduction-based Refinement Planning
 E RR-95-12
Research in Constraint-Based Layout, Visualization, CAD, and Related Topics: A Bibliographical Survey
 E RR-95-11
Incremental Generation for Real-Time Applications
 E RR-95-10
The Oz Programming Model
 E RR-95-09
A Refined Architecture for Terminological Systems:
Terminology = Schema + Views
 E RR-95-08
An Abstract Machine for Oz
 E RR-95-07
The Complexity of Concept Languages
 E RR-95-06
An interactive Graphics Editor for Feature Structures
 E RR-95-05
A First-Order Axiomatization of the Theory of Finite Trees
 E RR-95-04
Task Acquisition with a Description Logic Reasoner
 E RR-95-03
Document Analysis at DFKI Part 2: Information Extraction
 E RR-95-02
Document Analysis at DFKI
Part 1: Image Analysis and Text Recognition
 E RR-95-01
Cooperative Transportation Scheduling
an application Domain for DAI

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