DFKI Research Reports 1994


 E RR-94-39
Typed Feature Formalisms as a Common Basis for Linguistic Specification.
 E RR-94-38
DISCO--An HPSG-based NLP System and its Application for Appointment Scheduling.
 E RR-94-37
TDL - A Type Description Language for HPSG, Part 1: Overview.
 E RR-94-36
Issues in Concurrent Knowledge Engineering. Knowledge Base and Knowledge Share Evolution.
 E RR-94-35
A Complete Axiomatization of a Theory with Feature and Arity Constraints
 E RR-94-34
COSMA -- Multi-Participant NL Interaction for Appointment Scheduling
 E RR-94-33
Terminological Logics with Modal Operators
 E RR-94-31
Integrated Knowledge Utilization and Evolution for the Conservation of Corporate Know-How
 E RR-94-23
The Definition of Kernel Oz
 E RR-94-20
Encapsulated Search and Constraint Programming in Oz
 E RR-94-19
Using IR Techniques for Text Classification in Document Analysis
 E RR-94-18
How to Win a Game with Features
 E RR-94-17
Philosophical Logics---A Survey and a Bibliography
 E RR-94-16
A Foundation for Higher-order Concurrent Constraint Programming
 E RR-94-15
Using Graphical Style and Visibility Constraints for a Meaningful Layout in Visual Programming Interfaces
 E RR-94-14
Towards a Sharable Knowledge Base on Recyclable Plastics
 E RR-94-13
Planning from Second Principles---A Logic-based Approach
 E RR-94-12
Ordering Constraints on Trees
 E RR-94-11
A Consequence Finding Approach for Feature Recognition in CAPP
 E RR-94-10
Computing Cost Estimates for Proof Strategies
 E RR-94-08
Conserving Corporate Knowledge for Crankshaft Design
 E RR-94-07
Finite Domains and Exclusions as First-Class Citizens
 E RR-94-06
An Adaptive Deductive Planning System
 E RR-94-05
Beyond the Knowledge Level: Descriptions of Rational Behavior for Sharing and Reuse
 E RR-94-03
A Calculus for Higher-Order Concurrent Constraint Programming with Deep Guards
 D RR-94-02
Von Textgeneratoren zu Intellimedia-Präsentationssystemen
 E RR-94-01
Multimedia Presentations: The Support of Passive and Active Viewing

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