DFKI Research Report-94-38



Language: English

by Hans Uszkoreit, Rolf Backofen, Stephan Busemann, Abdel Kader Diagne, Elizabeth A. Hinkelman, Walter Kasper, Bernd Kiefer, Hans-Ulrich Krieger, Klaus Netter, Günter Neumann, Stephan Oepen, Stephen P. Spackman.

DISCO--An HPSG-based NLP System and its Application for Appointment Scheduling.

13 Pages


The natural language system DISCO is described. It combines

  • a powerful and flexible grammar development system
  • linguistic competence for German including morphology, syntax and semantics
  • new methods for linguistic performance modelling on the basis of high-level competence grammars
  • new methods for modelling multi-agent dialogue competence
  • an interesting sample application for appointment scheduling and calendar management

This document is available as Postscript.

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