DFKI Research Reports 1993


 E RR-93-48
Cardinality Restrictions on Concepts
 E RR-93-46
A Declarative Integration of Terminological, Constraint-based, Data-driven, and Goal-directed Reasoning
 E RR-93-45
On Virtual Partitioning of Large Dictionaries for Contextual Post-Processing to Improve Character Recognition
 E RR-93-44
Subsumption between Queries to Object-Oriented Databases
 E RR-93-43
Logic-based Plan Recognition for Intelligent Help Systems
 E RR-93-42
The First-Order Theory of Lexicographic Path Orderings is Undecidable
 E RR-93-41
LAYLAB: A Constraint-Based Layout Manager for Multimedia Presentations
 E RR-93-40
Queries, Rules and Definitions as Epistemic Statements in Concept Languages
 E RR-93-38
Document Recognition of Printed Scores and Transformation into MIDI
 D RR-93-36
Von IDA bis IMCOD: Expertensysteme im CIM-Umfeld
 D RR-93-35
Neuere Entwicklungen der deklarativen KI-Programmierung --- Proceedings
 E RR-93-34
Verbmobil Translation of Face-To-Face Dialogs
 E RR-93-33
Plan Reuse versus Plan Generation: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
 E RR-93-32
Conversation Acts in Task-Oriented Spoken Dialogue
 E RR-93-31
Abductive Speech Act Recognition, Corporate Agents and the COSMA System
 E RR-93-30
Corporate Agents
 E RR-93-29
Representing Belief in Multi-Agent Worlds via Terminological Logics
 E RR-93-28
Feature-Based Allomorphy
 E RR-93-27
Derivation Without Lexical Rules
 E RR-93-26
The Agent Architecture InteRRaP: Concept and Application
 E RR-93-25
A DAI Approach to Modeling the Transportation Domain
 E RR-93-24
Document Highlighting --- Message Classification in Printed Business Letters
 E RR-93-23
Comparative Study of Connectionist Simulators
 E RR-93-22
Weak Looking-Ahead and its Application in Computer-Aided Process Planning
 E RR-93-20
Embedding Defaults into Terminological Knowledge Representation Formalisms
 E RR-93-18
Terminological Cycles and the Propositional mu-Calculus
 E RR-93-17
Regular Path Expressions in Feature Logic
 E RR-93-16
Object-Oriented Concurrent Constraint Programming in Oz
 E RR-93-15
PLUS - Plan-based User Support Final Project Report
 E RR-93-14
Equational and Membership Constraints for Infinite Trees
 E RR-93-13
A Semantics for Open Normal Defaults via a Modified Preferential Approach
 E RR-93-12
A Two-Level Semantics for French Expressions of Motion
 E RR-93-11
Reasoning about Temporal Relations: A Maximal Tractable Subclass of Allen's Interval Algebra
 E RR-93-10
Decidable Reasoning in Terminological Knowledge Representation Systems
 E RR-93-09
Satisfiability of the Smallest Binary Program
 E RR-93-08
COLAB: A Hybrid Knowledge Representation and Compilation Laboratory
 E RR-93-07
Concept Logics with Function Symbols
 E RR-93-06
On Skolemization in Constrained Logics
 E RR-93-05
Combination Techniques and Decision Problems for Disunification
 E RR-93-04
GGD: Graph Grammar Developer for features in CAD/CAM
 E RR-93-03
An Empirical Analysis of Optimization Techniques for Terminological Representation Systems
 E RR-93-02
Plan-based Integration of Natural Language and Graphics Generation
 E RR-93-01
An Alternative Proof Method for Possibilistic Logic and its Application to Terminological Logics

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