DFKI Research Reports 1992


 E RR-92-60
Defaults, Preorder Semantics and Circumscription
 E RR-92-59
On Principles and Problems of Defeasible Inheritance
 E RR-92-58
How to Prefer More Specific Defaults in Terminological Default Logic
 E RR-92-56
Integrating a Modal Logic of Knowledge into Terminological Logics
 E RR-92-55
Natural Language Semantics and Compiler Technology
 E RR-92-54
A Direkt Semantic Characterization of RELFUN
 E RR-92-53
A New Logical Framework for Deductive Planning
 E RR-92-52
PHI - A Logic-Based Tool for Intelligent Help Systems
 E RR-92-51
On Abduction and Answer Generation through Constained Resolution
 D RR-92-50
Generierung natürlicher Sprache
 E RR-92-49
Heuristic Classification for Automated CAPP
 E RR-92-48
Plan Modifications versus Plan Generation: A Complexity-Theoretic Perspective
 E RR-92-47
A Multi-Agent Approach towards Modeling Urban Traffic Scenarios
 E RR-92-46
WIP: The Automatic Synthesis of Multimodal Presentations
 E RR-92-45
The Design of Illustrated Documents as a Planning Task
 E RR-92-44
Incorporating Graphics Design and Realization into the Multimodal Presentation System WIP
 E RR-92-43
A Heuristic driven Parser for Attributed Node Labeled Graph Grammars and its Application to Feature Recognition in CIM
 E RR-92-42
A Feature-Based Syntax/Semantics Interface
 E RR-92-41
A Multi-Agent Approach towards Group Scheduling
 E RR-92-40
Combining Terminological and Rule-based Reasoning for Abstraction Processes
 E RR-92-38
An Alternative to Theta-Subsumption Based on Terminological Reasoning
 E RR-92-37
Specifying Role Interaction in Concept Languages
 E RR-92-36
Extensions of Concept Languages for a Mechanical Engineering Application
 E RR-92-35
Using Hierarchical Constraint Satisfaction for Lathe-Tool Selection in a CIM Environment
 E RR-92-34
Terminological Reasoning and Partial Inductive Definitions
 E RR-92-33
Unification Theory
 E RR-92-32
Designing a Structured Lexicon for Document Image Analysis
 E RR-92-31
Automatic Design of Multimodal Presentations
 E RR-92-30
A Complete and Recursive Feature Theory
 E RR-92-29
Skeletal Plans Reuse: A Restricted Conceptual Graph Classification Approach
 E RR-92-27
The model-based construction of a case-oriented expert system
 E RR-92-26
Intelligent documentation as a catalyst for developing cooperative knowledge-based systems
 E RR-92-25
Using integrated knowledge acquisition to prepare sophisticated expert plans for their re-use in novel situations
 E RR-92-24
Knowledge Acquisition from Text in a Complex Domain
 E RR-92-23
Records for Logic Programming
 E RR-92-22
Unifying Cycles
 E RR-92-21
Representing Spatial Relations (Part II) -The Geometrical Approach
 E RR-92-20
Representing Grammar, Meaning and Knowledge
 E RR-92-19
PIM: Planning In Manufacturing using Skeletal Plans and Features
 E RR-92-18
Constraint-Based Semantics
 E RR-92-17
A Feature-based Constraint System for Logic Programming with Entailment
 E RR-92-16
An Empirical Analysis of Terminological Representation Systems
 E RR-92-15
Constraint-Based Graphical Layout of Multimodal Presentations
 E RR-92-14
Intelligent User Support in Graphical User Interfaces:
  1. InCome: A System to Navigate through Interactions and Plans
  2. Plan-Based Graphical Help in Object-Oriented User Interfaces
 D RR-92-13
Planbasierte graphische Hilfe in objektorientierten Benutzungsoberflächen
 E RR-92-11
Deductive Planning and Plan Reuse in a Command Language Environment
 E RR-92-10
An Interval-based Temporal Logic in a Multivalued Setting
 D RR-92-09
Perspektiven zur Kombination von automatischem Animationsdesign und planbasierter Hilfe
 E RR-92-08
Approaches to Abductive Reasoning - An Overview -
 E RR-92-07
Decision-theoretic Transformational Planning
 E RR-92-06
Main Topics of DAI: A Review
 E RR-92-05
Feature based Integration of CAD and CAPP
 E RR-92-04
Feature-Based Lexicons: An Example and a Comparison to DATR
 E RR-92-03
Extended Logic-plus-Functional Programming
 E RR-92-02
Phi oda: The Paper Interface to ODA
 E RR-92-01
Unification in Monoidal Theories is Solving Linear Equations over Semirings

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