DFKI Research Reports 1991


 D RR-91-35
Constraint-basierte Verarbeitung graphischen Wissens
 E RR-91-34
On the Computational Complexity of Temporal Projection and some related Problems
 E RR-91-33
Unification in the Union of Disjoint Equational Theories: Combining Decision Procedures
 E RR-91-32
Towards the Integration of Functions, Relations and Types in an AI Programming Language
 E RR-91-31
Feature-Based Inheritance Networks for Computational Lexicons
 E RR-91-30
Inheritance and Complementation: A Case Study of Easy Adjectives and Related Nouns.
 E RR-91-29
Strategies for Adding Control Information to Declarative Grammars
 E RR-91-28
Linking Typed Feature Formalisms and Terminological Knowledge Representation Languages in Natural Language Front-Ends
 E RR-91-27
ARC-TEC: Acquisition, Representation and Compilation of Technical Knowledge
 E RR-91-26
Integrated Plan Generation and Recognition - A Logic-Based Approach -
 E RR-91-25
Incremental Syntax Generation with Tree Adjoining Grammars
 E RR-91-24
A Hybrid Approach for Modeling Uncertainty in Terminological Logics
 D RR-91-23
Akquisition und Repräsentation von technischem Wissen für Planungsaufgaben im Bereich der Fertigungstechnik
 E RR-91-22
Self-Adapting Structuring and Representation of Space
 E RR-91-21
Clause Union and Verb Raising Phenomena in German
 E RR-91-20
FEAT-Rep: Representing Features in CAD/CAM
 E RR-91-19
On the Commitments and Precommitments of Limited Agents
 E RR-91-18
A Diagnostic Tool for German Syntax
 E RR-91-17
The Use of Abstraction Concepts for Representing and Structuring Documents
 E RR-91-16
Using Pattern-Action Rules for the Generation of GPSG Structures from Separate Semantic Representations
 E RR-91-15
Attributive Description Formalisms ... and the Rest of the World
 E RR-91-14
A Two Level Representation for Spatial Relations, Part I
 E RR-91-13
Residuation and Guarded Rules for Constraint Logic Programming
 E RR-91-12
The Absorption Principle and E-Type Anaphora
 E RR-91-11
Belief Revision and Default Reasoning: Syntax-Based Approaches
 E RR-91-10
A Scheme for Integrating Concrete Domains into Concept Languages
 E RR-91-09
RATMAN and its Relation to Other Multi-Agent Testbeds
 E RR-91-08
WIP: The Coordinated Generation of Multimodal Presentations from a Common Representation
 E RR-91-07
A Head-Driven Approach to Incremental and Parallel Generation of Syntactic Structures
 E RR-91-06
Synthesizing Illustrated Documents: A Plan-Based Approach
 E RR-91-05
Designing Illustrated Texts: How Language Production is Influenced by Graphics Generation.
 E RR-91-04
X2MORF: A Morphological Component Based on Augmented Two-Level Morphology
 E RR-91-03
Qualifying Number Restrictions in Concept Languages
 E RR-91-02
The Complexity of Existential Quantification in Concept Languages
 E RR-91-01
On the Expressivity of Feature Logics with Negation, Functional Uncertainty, and Sort Equations

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