DFKI Research Report-91-27



Language: English

by A. Bernardi, H. Boley, Ph. Hanschke, K. Hinkelmann, Ch. Klauck, O. Kühn, R. Legleitner, M. Meyer, M. M. Richter, F. Schmalhofer, G. Schmidt, W. Sommer

ARC-TEC: Acquisition, Representation and Compilation of Technical Knowledge

18 Pages


A global description of an expert system shell for the domain of mechanical engineering is presented. The ARC-TEC project constitutes an AI approach to realize the CIM idea. Along with conceptual solutions, it provides a continuous sequence of software tools for the acquisition, representation and compilation of technical knowledge. The shell combines the KADS knowledge-acquisition methodology, the KL-ONE representation theory and the WAM compilation technology. For its evaluation a prototypical expert system for production planning is developed. A central part of the system is a knowledge base formalizing the relevant aspects of common sense in mechanical engineering. Thus, ARC-TEC is less general than the CYC project but broader than specific expert systems for planning or diagnosis.

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