DFKI Research Reports 1990


 D RR-90-17
Generalisierte Phasenstrukturgrammatiken und ihre Verwendung zur maschinellen Sprachverarbeitung
 E RR-90-16
Adding Homomorphisms to Commutative/Monoidal Theories, or: How Algebra Can Help in Equational Unification
 E RR-90-15
The Application of Two-level Morphology to Non-concatenative German Morphology
 E RR-90-14
Integrated Knowledge Acquisition from Text, Previously Solved Cases, and Expert Memories
 E RR-90-13
Augmenting Concept Languages by Transitive Closure of Roles: An Alternative to Terminological Cycles
 E RR-90-12
Declarative Operations on Nets
 E RR-90-11
Towards a Plan-Based Synthesis of Illustrated Documents
 E RR-90-10
Concept Logics
 E RR-90-09
Plan Generation Using a Method of Deductive Program Synthesis
 E RR-90-08
A Step Towards Understanding Paper Documents
 D RR-90-07
Wissensbasierte Informationspräsentation: Zwei Beiträge zum Fachgespräch Graphik und KI
  1. Ein planbasierter Ansatz zur Synthese illustrierter Dokumente
  2. Wissensbasierte Perspektivenwahl für die automatische Erzeugung von 3D-Objektdarstellungen
 E RR-90-06
Hybrid Inferences in KL-ONE-based Knowledge Representation Systems
 E RR-90-05
A Formal Definition for the Expressive Power of Knowledge Representation Languages
 E RR-90-04
Subsumption Algorithms for Concept Languages
 E RR-90-03
Integration of Document Representation, Processing and Management
 E RR-90-02
A Resolution Principle for Clauses with Constraints
 E RR-90-01
Terminological Cycles in KL-ONE-based Knowledge Representation Languages

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