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Bäckström, Christer
Bürckert, Hans-Jürgen
Baader, Franz
Bachmann, Bernd
Backofen, Rolf
Bagdanov, Andrew D.
Bandyopadhyay, Som
Bauer, Mathias
Baumann, Stephan
Becker, Andreas
Becker, Kerstin
Becker, Klaus
Becker, Tilman
Becker, Volker
Beetz, Michael
Berger, Frank
Bergmann, Ralf
Bernardi, Ansgar
Birk, Andreas
Biundo, Susanne
Bleisinger, Rainer
Blum, Christian
Boley, Harold
Bomarius, Frank
Boon, Josua
Bourne, Lyle E. jr.
Breuer, Peter
Bry, François
Buchheit, Martin
Buhrmann, Ulrich
Burt, Alastair
Buschauer, Béla
Busemann, Stephan
Bussmann, Stefan
Butz, Andreas

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