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DECOR Kick-Off Meeting, Brussels, July 2000


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Maria Legel (PLANET-EY) talking about DECOR methodology Raphael Koumeri, PLANET-EY's project manager
Dnaiel Haulet (SEMA) discussing evaluation and assessment
... thinking ... Prof. Grigoris Mentzas presents ICCS Andreas Abecker (DFKI) in the dark
SEMA is working (Bernard Mathot, Daniel Haulet) The afternoon becomes harder ... Tino Sarodnik (DFKI) and his laptop
Grigoris Mentzas presents Know-Net results Spyros Dioudis (ICCS) about workflow Lunch break
... still lunch break ... Still life: Garfield and a dessert Time planning: Andreas Abecker
Busy break Stephan Mueller (DHC), Andreas Abecker (DFKI), Spyros Dioudis (ICCS) ... another coffee break ...
... tired ... Greek lighthouse Before the meeting
... and after the meeting: invitation for dinner


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